Expect tailor-made creative solution to your business problem or opportunity.

We deliver projects that capture your vision

PIC TREE offers a wide range of creative skills for digital projects and promotional campaigns.


In a nutshell we supply complete creative solutions under one broad canopy. There’s no need to go looking for different creative skills. We are the all-purpose, multi-media production people for your brand.

•Small & friendly with personal service

•Specialists in film, video and photography 

•Experts in branding, design, illustration, copywriting and ideas

•Vastly experienced in cultural outreach, education, publishing

•We shoot documentaries and corporate videos


A website that is pretty but not useful is just not good enough. And a website lacking interesting information will not hold the reader. Many websites these days are written for the consumption of algorithms rather than for human beings. We believe the key to success online is to first make your site useful and interesting and then tell people about it.

Writing for film and video

A copywriter needs a good creative brief to ensure clarity of thought and then to write with a sense of structure and flow. The words need to work with the pictures. Sometimes it’s best to let the powerful combination of pictures and music tell the story. Often, less is more.

How we work

Our past creative success is based on the twin elements of a reasonable deadline and a creative brief written jointly with the client. It’s a painless process that ensures we understand the target audience and have complete clarity about the objectives of the communication. Then we are all on the same page and able to focus on the solution.

Every project we do is different. That’s the nature of the business.

Therefore you can expect a tailor-made creative solution to your business problem or opportunity. We start with the brief and we end with a satisfied client and we help you every step of the way.

Team Members

PIC TREE, professionals, human, team

We trained as Madmen in multi-national ad agencies, so we know the ropes. We’re used to high standards and as professionals we offer you a complete creative service. If your job needs additional outside skills, we have the network to find the right people. With the contacts we have made over the years there is no creative assignment we would hide from.

Sylwia is a mum, art director, photographer and film maker. Born in Poland, she studied art in Cracow and film in London. She was senior editorial designer for The Warsaw Business Journal. Went walkabout in East Africa. Worked for the United Nations, World Bank, Save the Children and Coca-Cola among others.

Paul is a copywriter full of ideas with a proven ability to communicate with a variety of audiences and cultures. Worked in 11 countries, author of two non-fiction paperback books.

Aga our vegetarian cinematographer and photographer is a graduate of Ravensbourne University in London and specialises in cinematography and editing. She has worked for Funzing UK, Lost Lectures, Gigwise, LiveMe Broadcasting, Our Future Choice, Accumul8 and Agora Arts Circle. 

  • Sylwia MadeboFounder/Creative Director
  • Paul SullyCopywriter/creative
  • Aga KociCinematographer/Production team

We’re a start-up company of experienced people with a grounding in the disciplines of advertising, film and a track record of creative achievement.

We are proud to have provided services for the following clients.