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We offer a bespoke creative solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We work with (we believe in with not for)a large and small, in many sectors such as PR, education, charity, security, and sport. There’s no need to go from door to door in a quest for expertise. We are the all-purpose, inventive production people for your brand from start to finish. We thrive on executing things finish – excellently.
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“High-quality design service with a real knack for getting to the heart of what we needed“. SEEDS Project Leader.
Pic Tree has provided end to end high-quality design service with a real knack for getting to the heart of what we needed, without the call for extensive briefing, suggested solutions that were achievable within our budget and within a short timescale too. Yvonne Halloran. SEEDS Project Leader
“Short films for us ... a truly valuable experience“! National Collaborative Outreach Programme London.
Asking Sylwia from PIC TREE founder, to make some short films for us has been a truly valuable experience. Not only was the end product exactly what we wanted, but there was also a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that Sylwia managed to make me feel that I had been part of the creative process! Making a film which purports to represent seventeen-year-olds is likely to be full of pitfalls, but not only did they all love it, but the government agency we were making it for liked it so much they said that Sylwia could clearly teach them a thing or two. This double success was the result of deep empathy with her subjects combined with a creative flair brought to bear on a fairly mundane brief. Mark Ellis, Project Manager National Collaborative Outreach Programme London
“Branding beyond my expectations“! ORMSW.
I was interested in having an innovative and attractive web site for my security company. I do not have the technical knowledge at the appropriate level to create it. It was not easy to pinpoint a creative who speaks the language that I understand who could ‘be into my shoes’, capable of conceiving my thoughts and expectations. PIC TREE professional team quickly delivered smart and relevant website precisely what I had in my mind, in fact, beyond my expectations! They supported me in all required actions such as to secure a professional email address, all branding. They also recommended SEO company. I am looking forward to work again with them! I.Charanas, CEO @ www.ormsw.com

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Our team continue to make bespoken content to support the marketing actions of businesses during any time and tricky times. Contact us for creative support.

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