Advocacy report design
Photobook Concept Note

Advocacy Photobook Design

The South Sudan Safety Net Project (SSSNP) has reached 65,000 poor and vulnerable households in 10 counties across South Sudan, improving welfare and human capital development. The project has introduced innovations to maintain continuous support for beneficiary households and communities, demonstrating programmatic mechanisms and innovative solutions in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. The World Bank has been a strategic partner and advisor to the government of the Republic of South Sudan through SSSNP, strengthening the role of social safety nets to better serve poor and vulnerable households.

The concept note

We were asked to design a photobook that aims to share lessons learned from the South Sudan Safety Net Project. The main audience are stakeholders interested in social protection in South Sudan and beyond, including governments, development practitioners, humanitarian partners, other World Bank task teams and NGOs. The photobook was developed in-house using photographs, quotes, and beneficiary stories gathered during field visits.

The challange / The solution

Advocacy Photobook Design

The SSSNP Photobook, which was released in Juba as part of the project launch, was favourably welcomed by many people, including World Bank management.
The PIC TREE team was delighted to be a part of this project and received numerous complements for our efforts!