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The PicTree story

I’m a semi-nomadic graphic designer from Poland. I worked for advertising agencies around the world in search of inspiration and experience. My last proper job was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but I was still hungry for new horizons.

Ten years ago I arrived in Greenwich wondering if this was the right move for me. It seemed like a huge step to take. My son was thrilled with London in the typical enthusiasm of youth, while my mum said she could not understand my life choices.

Every day I would walk in Greenwich Park and sit on the bench debating the pros and cons with myself. It became a habit to sit on this bench and hammer out the arguments for and against Greenwich and I did it daily for a month. Sometimes I was ready to stay. On other days  I was ready to give up and leave. After probably 30 or so bench debates I stood up and read the plaque mounted on the backrest. It said: 

In loving memory

Brian Patrick O’Dowd

20th May 1959 – 9th September 2002

“…do not give up, you never know what is planned for you”

I read it and instantly took it as a clear sign that I should stay. 

And so I stayed.

The strange thing is, I can’t find that bench today, even though I have looked for it many times. There were a few moments when I questioned my sanity, or at least I seriously questioned my memory. Did this actually happen? Did this bench ever exist?

Luckily, I recently found this picture of my bench and it confirmed that it all was as I remembered.

Ten years on I am still here in Greenwich. I can hardly believe it. 

I am still loving this borough. It is my benchmark borough for all of London. 

PicTree is my ideas, film, video and graphic design in Greenwich for businesses in Greenwich and London Welcome.

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