About the project

A start-up branding package for Operational Risk Management and Security Worldwide.

ORMSW identifies, analyses and assess risks. It proposes the appropriate mitigation measures to secure the assets of the client. Typically these are multinational companies, government agencies, private companies, humanitarian organisations and NGOs. 

What the client says about us

“I was interested in having an innovative, smart, and attractive website for my security company. I do not have the technical knowledge at the appropriate level to create it. It was not easy to pinpoint a web designer who could ‘be in my shoes’, who could be capable of ‘interpreting’ my thoughts. PIC TREE understood me and managed to go beyond my expectations! They supported me in all required actions from supplying a professional email address, designing a business card, and recommending specialised companies for SEO. I am looking forward to work again with PIC TREE!”

I.Charanas, Company Director, Security Manager

In the modern era, brand and experience are two sides of the same coin, and need to be defined together.

Graphic and design
Kongonis Cricket Club anniversary coffee table book design