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In the bad old days of advertising, before the 1960s creative revolution, advertising was largely created by the assembly-line method. A copywriter would type up to fifty headlines on the same topic, then show them to a copy chief who might select three or four for further development. The copywriter would work on these and there would be more discussion. Eventually he would take the selected headline to an art director and request a layout to show the client. The art director would supply an appropriate visual and that would be that. The two creative people didn’t sit together, didn’t work together, didn’t know each other very well.

In America, Bill Bernbach put the art director and the copywriter in the same room and allowed the chemistry to take over. The difference in having two bright people thinking about the same problem together and bouncing ideas off each other was a game changer. Their specific challenge was to sell the VW Beetle, a small, unexciting German saloon car to American motorists used to huge size, flashy looks and high fuel consumption. It resulted in the revolutionary press campaign for the Beetle with headlines like “Think small” and “Lemon” and “It makes your house look bigger”. 

In an age of gimmicks Bill Bernbach said “I’ve got a great gimmick. Let’s tell the truth.”
The creative process at once became exciting and stimulating and the results were far more creative and effective than the assembly- line method. 
Suddenly it was as if 1+1=3. 

Clients everywhere started to clamour for VW type advertising and the 1960s creative revolution was underway.

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